Need your InDesign Documents translated quickly? Here are a few tips on how to prepare InDesign files for fast and easy translation:

Create lists using the Numbered List option. If your InDesign document includes lists, instead of manually entering numbers, the numbered list option ensures that the list will be correctly numbered after the translation.

Apply correct style changes. Well-defined paragraphs and character styles can be reused for large projects with numerous documents in a shared layout. Also, correctly applying style changes will ensure your marketing pieces are appropriately formatted and accurately display your brand after translation.

Build tables with InDesign tables. If you are using tables in your InDesign Document, try using InDesign tables. This InDesign feature will automatically adjust to the correct table size and format your tables to adapt to text expansion during the translation process.

Don’t overcrowd the design. Allow extra space for text overruns and text expansion, especially when translating from English to any other language. This will give you the best document translation without interrupting your designs.

Properly format images including text. Images that have text over top of them should not embed text within the image; instead text should be added as a separate text box. This allows for easy translation all in one program.

For any other tips on creating a translation friendly InDesign Document or if you need an InDesign Document translated, please contact Gateway Globalization for estimates and details.

Adobe InDesign Translation Services

Adobe InDesign makes it easy for your company to create marketing pieces, such as brochures, flyers, magazines, and more; now with Gateway Globalization’s translation services you can deliver your most creative marketing works across the globe to reach your target audience. Our certified translators accurately display and translate any InDesign Document (.INDD) files that you want to provide to current and prospective customers.