The economy of Israel is technologically advanced by global standards and is the highest ranked in the Middle East. As of 2015, Israel ranked in the top 18 nations in the world on the UN’s Human Development Index, allowing the country to enjoy a high standard of living rivaling other Western countries such as Austria and France.

The US is Israel’s largest trading partner and imports very diverse goods and services from the United States, including high tech, manufactured goods, petroleum, raw materials, wheat and motor vehicles. Imports of goods into Israel exceeds $32 million per year.

Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language that is native to Israel is the primary official language of the State of Israel. There are over 9 million Hebrew speakers globally, of which 7 million speak it fluently.

Many Israelis speak other languages, such as Russian, Arabic, French and Yiddish. Although English is widely spoken, the Israeli government has taken steps to keep Hebrew the primary language of use and to prevent English from being incorporated into Hebrew on any large scale. Given this environment, it is important for US companies doing business in Israel to provide translations of marketing, technical documentation and software interfaces into Hebrew.

Gateway Globalization has native speaker, subject specialist translators who ensure cultural and linguistic appropriateness of your Hebrew translations.




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