France is the 6th largest economy in the world in 2017 according to the IMF and imported over $39.1 billion of US goods and services in 2016. These imports were primarily petroleum products, machinery, chemicals, vehicles, electronics, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Given the size of the French market, it makes sense for US companies exporting to France to translate product materials into French. In many cases, such as packaging, translation into French is mandatory. In other words, you will be violating the law if you don’t. In any case, the French have a very strong preference to receive product documentation, software UIs, websites and other content in French rather than English. Your success in the French market will depend heavily on your support of the French language.

Supporting French will also give you access to other European markets, including Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium, all of which have strong economies and a preference to receive materials in their native language. French will also give you access to many markets in former French colonies in Africa such as Algeria, Republic of Congo, Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Tunisia and Democratic Republic of Congo, where French is widely spoken.

Gateway Globalization has a large pool of native-speaker French translators who have subject matter expertise across a broad range of industries who will make your content resonate with your French customers.




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