Spain has the fourteenth-largest economy by nominal GDP in the world, and is the fifth largest in Europe behind Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and France; and the fourth largest in the Eurozone. In 2016, Spain imported $12.5 billion in products and services from the United States.

The Spanish economy suffered greatly during the financial crisis, but has recovered in recent years. Strong GDP growth was registered in 2016, with the country growing twice as fast as the Eurozone average. According to the IMF forecast for 2017, Spain will recover this year all the GDP growth lost during the economic crisis, exceeding for the first time in 2017 the output level that had been reached in 2008.   Good reasons to consider Spain as an export market.

There are two variants of Spanish spoken in Spain: Castilian (99% as first or second language and the official language of Spain) and Catalan (17%, mainly in Catalonia, Valencia and Balearic Islands).  As in other southern European countries, English is not widely spoken and it is important to translate into Spanish to gain market visibility and trust from your Spanish customers. Castilian is probably sufficient unless you market to consumers, in which case you may wish to consider supporting Catalan as well.

Gateway Globalization has a large pool of native-speaker Castilian and Catalan translators who have subject matter expertise across a broad range of industries who will convey your content in a way that truly resonate with your Spanish customers.




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