Arabic Translation

Over 430 million people around the world speak Arabic, making it the 6th most spoken language in the world. Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the countries of the Middle East and it is designated as the official language in Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

There are three forms of Arabic:  Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Classical Arabic and Colloquial Arabic. While Modern Standard Arabic is the official modern language of the Arab world and used in business, government and media, most people speak the dialect of their home region.  These can differ significantly from MSA.

The majority of Arabic-speaking economies in the Middle East are considered emerging markets, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE having the first and second largest economies respectively. Major imports include machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and transportation equipment, chemicals and certain foodstuffs.

It is essential to translate all marketing, technical and other documents and information into Arabic for these markets, taking the often times strong cultural differences into account. Cultural appropriateness of your content should always be assessed to avoid offense or violate local laws.

Gateway Globalization has native speaker, subject specialist Arabic translators in the Middle East who ensure cultural and linguistic appropriateness of your content, graphics and other aspects of your content to ensure success in this part of the world.

Farsi Translation

There are over 110 million people who speak Farsi. It is mainly spoken in Iran and several neighboring countries. Farsi is also the official language of Iran.

The economy in Iran is a mixed and “transition economy” where a large percentage of the country’s economy remains centrally planned. The economy has improved since most international sanctions against its nuclear program have been removed. It is also notable that more than two thirds of the Iranian population is under the age of 30. Imports include raw materials, capital goods,  intermediate goods, consumer goods and foodstuffs.

It is essential to translate your documents into Farsi in order to do business in Iran and Gateway Globalization has Farsi translators who are native speaker, subject matter specialists to ensure cultural and linguistic quality.




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