The United States has over 41 million Spanish speakers. The US Hispanic market’s worth is estimated to be $12 trillion and is set to increase as the Hispanic population continues to grow.

Understanding the nuances of US Spanish is crucial to success when marketing to this segment of the population. Each segment of the Spanish speaking population in the US carries nuances from the country of origin. US Spanish is also integrates US English into much of their every day language.

Immigrants from Mexico make up the largest proportion of Spanish speakers, especially in border states such as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

The Hispanic population in Florida is characterized by Cuban, El Salvadoran and immigrants from other Central and South American countries.

Puerto Rico, of course, is a Spanish speaking US protectorate and expects to be communicated with in their native language. Significant Puerto Rican populations can be found in metropolitan New York City.

Gateway Globalization has a large pool of US Spanish translators who have both subject matter and region-specific knowledge to convey your content in a way that truly resonate with your Spanish customers, no matter their country of origin.




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