French is the mother tongue of approximately 7.3 million Canadians, most of who live in the province of Québec. French, along with English, has the status of one of Canada’s two official languages at the federal government level. French is the sole official language in Québec at the provincial level.

Businesses wishing to do business in Canada, especially Québec, should be mindful that in addition to being legally required to provide information in French, Canadian French speakers are very proud of their language and culture and therefore have a very strong preference to have any and all forms of communication in Canadian French.

Given that Canada is the United States’ largest importer of American goods, 31% of which goes to Québec, it makes sense to translate into Canadian French. Canadian French and European French are strongly related, but do have important differences in word choice and pronunciation, similar to American versus British English.

Top US exports to Canada include vehicles, machinery, electrical machinery, mineral fuels, plastics and agricultural products. Canada is the USA’s largest agricultural export market.

Gateway Globalization has significant experience translating to and from English and Canadian French across a broad range of industry sectors, making your communications compliant and appealing to French speakers in Canada.




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