The Polish economy is the 6th largest economy in the EU and the largest among the former Eastern Bloc. Poland has pursued a policy of economic liberalization and was the only country to avoid recession during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Poland is ranked 24th worldwide in terms of GDP. Major imports include capital goods for industrial retooling and manufacturing goods.

Polish is a Western Slavic language and is the official language of Poland, where 39+ million speak the language. There are significant Polish populations outside of Poland that primarily speak Polish in the US and UK to name a couple.

Polish people expect to receive communications in Polish, since it is the official language of Poland. As in other Eastern European countries, English is widely spoken, but people strongly prefer to receive information in their native language.

Gateway Globalization regularly translates product documentation, web and marketing content and legal documents to and from English and Polish. All work is performed by native speaker, subject matter expert translators.




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