During the past decade, trade with Indonesia has grown by 53 percent to $25.2 billion in 2016. US exports to Indonesia almost doubled to $6 billion in 2016. It is the 16th largest economy in the world. US exports include soybeans, aircraft, machinery, food waste and animal feed, and cotton. U.S. services exports to Indonesia have increased more than 70 percent in the last decade and now total $2.5 billion.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world and has a population of 257+ million.  Although there are many dialects and languages spoken in the Indonesian archipelago, Indonesian is the official language of the country and the language that a majority of the population speaks.  This makes Indonesian one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Translating into Indonesian is extremely important in order to do business effectively in Indonesia.

Gateway Globalization has high quality, subject matter expert Indonesian translators who ensure your products will be accepted by the business community and consumers of Indonesia.




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