Going international is a huge business decision that can have many benefits for your company. The importance of globalization is only going to continue to increase, and companies that are internationalizing their business will gain a competitive advantage over their competition. Exporting will help your company grow, resulting in market expansion and increased profits. Before […]

Investing in translation services for your business can be an important decision for the overall success of your business in global markets. It is crucial to know if your investment in translation is worth the amount of revenue that is generated as a return In a study of Fortune 500 companies conducted by the Common […]

According to the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA), agribusiness in Africa is rapidly growing and is projected to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2030. Because of Africa’s land availability, farm production is projected to grow rapidly. According to the study by IFAMA, Africa’s agricultural resources will help with global food production […]

Break Down the Barriers A translation strategy for your business will break down the communication barriers by reaching a very large global customer base. Investing in translation will help you diversify your audience and help you gain foreign exposure beyond your typical customer base. If you are ready to expand your business overseas, you must […]

Your website is often the first thing that your customer sees when coming across your company online. It sets the tone for determining professionalism and reputability for all users to your site. If a user is unable to easily navigate around your site or find what they’re looking for, they will immediately bounce and head […]



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