Translated technical documentation, whether in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation or engineering, is crucial to creating a positive experience with your international customers.  When done well, your customers get what they expect: the ability to use product quickly, safely and without hassle. When done poorly, your international customers may be frustrated by confusing or unclear instructions and […]

Two recent trends might make you think that exporting US agricultural products and farming machinery may not be worth considering. Arriving at this conclusion without digging deeper into the significance of the global market to US farm equipment manufacturers and trends in specific markets might be ignoring huge potential. Trend 1: Anti-Globalization Rhetoric First is […]

Growing your business can mean many things. It can mean increasing your revenue, more sales, growing your team, or expanding your product line. One thing is for sure – when business owners decide to expand into new markets, they are choosing to work with new consumers. Restricting your business to one single market can put […]

The ever-changing agribusiness industry undergoes many economic shifts that bring along advancements in the industry. As the agribusiness industry and the need for higher production increases, the world population is increasing right along side. This poses a greater demand for more resources to feed the world. Many trends are shaping the industry, allowing farmers to […]

Today’s world relies on Google. In a world of unknowns, Google has most of the answers. In 2001, Google launched their translation program, Google Translate. The early 2000’s version of Google Translate had the ability to translate written documents, but left users with many grammar and spelling errors. Technological advancements over the years have led […]



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