In our previous post on trends driving the language services industry, we made reference to the McKinsey Quarterly Report from April 2017. It provides an excellent overview of global trends that will have a significant impact on most businesses over the next few decades, including agriculture and agribusiness. One trend the McKinsey report mentions is […]

We at Gateway Globalization have long adhered to the credo of “thinking globally, acting locally.” We devote a lot of time to educating our customers about the importance of considering local languages, customs and norms in order to succeed in doing business internationally. It seems that delivering products with local precision at international scale will […]

Many companies end up with a very fragmented approach to managing their translation needs. Higher costs, duplication of effort and inconsistent results often emanate from this approach. This situation is very understandable if we look at how the procurement of translations typically unfolds. A company’s initial foray into translation is often characterized by last minute, […]

Several months ago we explored the pros and cons of using Google Translate vs. Humans (professional translators from a translation quality.)  In this post we drew a couple of key conclusions.  First, Google Translate is very helpful and cost effective when you want to get the gist of certain text or when quality doesn’t matter. […]

While it is up to your translation vendor to provide a high quality translation, poorly written and poorly formatted technical documents slow down this process and could lead to increased costs due to rework and delays in delivering the product to your international customers.  There are some really easy ways to prevent these things from […]



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