Translation is usually the last step in the content creation process. The costs can sometimes take people by surprise. In some cases, translation isn’t planned (or budgeted) for at all, so any costs come as a surprise. In other cases, translation is misunderstood as “just translation,” or believed that acceptable results will come from free […]

Are you ready to work with a translation agency? Before you approach a translation agency or freelance translator to translate your content there are a number of things you can do to avoid common mistakes that can adversely affect the quality, accuracy, appropriateness and timeliness of your translation project. These simple steps will help your […]

It is often tempting to have bi-lingual employees translate your content when there is a sudden need, when translations haven’t been planned for or you simply want to save a few dollars. While your bi-lingual employee seems a good short-term fix, there are some longer-term consequences that may render this choice a misdirected one at […]

Much has been written on the subject of free online language translation software such as Google Translate and the poor quality these systems usually deliver. Many companies choose this option to save a few hundred or possibly a few thousand dollars. The repercussions can be embarrassing and demonstrate a lack of commitment to international markets. […]

Although exports for Iowa companies were down in 2016, the positive impact global trade has on the state’s economy can’t be underestimated. Iowa’s international trade statistics are not only large, but also impressive, despite the recent drop. The website GlobalEDGE reported that in 2016, Iowa’s exports of $12,129,265,542 exceeded imports of $8,245,389,687, leaving the state […]



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