Break Down the Barriers

A translation strategy for your business will break down the communication barriers by reaching a very large global customer base. Investing in translation will help you diversify your audience and help you gain foreign exposure beyond your typical customer base. If you are ready to expand your business overseas, you must consider the buying process of global customers. It is important to use their native language to create a streamlined buying process that makes them feel comfortable investing in your products or services.

Establish Worldwide Brand Recognition

Marketing your products or services to a different audience globally will help grow your business and establish brand recognition in a variety of different international markets. Being distinguished as an international company gives your company the high status and prestige that can help you be recognized by large international businesses all over the world.

Build Credibility with Global Buyers

Localization allows your company to be credible in non-U.S. markets by creating products or services that are native to global buyers. Abiding by native languages and customs will demonstrate the dedication you have to meet your customer’s purchasing needs. It is vital to spend some valuable time doing your research and learning the country’s customs before jumping into those different specialized markets.

Expand & Grow Your Business

Gaining valuable exposure in global markets will help to increase the demand for your products and result in an overall sales increase. Once you expand into those global markets, you can reach a much larger audience internationally and build up a trusted customer base outside of your normal niche.

Professional Translation by Gateway Globalization

Although Google Translate is a very valuable tool, professional translation services are performed to provide proper translation that incorporates the global business jargon within your industry. Professional translators, such as Gateway Globalization, specialize in bridging the gaps between two different specialized languages and results in a cohesive understanding from both cultures.

Incorrect translations can threaten your global business, so it is important to hire a professional translator that has experience working with your industry and knows about the customs of the audiences you want to reach. The end goal with localization is to give your customers products and content that has been created specific for their target market. Contact Gateway Globalization for professional translation services for all your manufacturing, agribusiness, oil and gas, legal, life sciences, and marketing translation needs.




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