Your website is often the first thing that your customer sees when coming across your company online. It sets the tone for determining professionalism and reputability for all users to your site. If a user is unable to easily navigate around your site or find what they’re looking for, they will immediately bounce and head on over to your competitor’s site. For global markets, a multilingual site is incredibly important to provide a great user experience for all users. Here’s a list of 4 important benefits of having a multilingual site:

Expand Into International Markets

Providing multilingual capabilities on your site will leave a positive impression on all visitors to your site. Multilingual sites allow for a better user experience, and will automatically capture the attention of new visitors to your website. Multilingual websites are also accessible to a broader market of customers. The language barriers can be a challenge for many businesses that frequently work with global markets. If your business sells or exports internationally, this often poses a major challenge for many business owners who are struggling to build the necessary trust that users need when searching or shopping around on the internet. Making sure your buyers and distributors fully grasp your products, services, and technology is a crucial step towards the success of your business internationally.

Build Trust with Non-Native Speakers

For local businesses who aren’t interested in expanding into global markets, your local customers who are non-native English speakers will be more likely pursue your services or buy your products when they can easily navigate throughout your site. Common Sense Advisory surveyed over 3,000 consumers in 10 different countries and found that many users avoid English-only websites and spend less time during their visits as compared to more local-language content which improves the customer experience and leads to a greater likelihood of purchase. This survey provides real data that showcases the importance of language for an enriched global customer experience on your website. Considering that 70% of web users are non-English speakers proves that a multilingual website is crucial to your web success.

Higher Conversion Rates

When customers have a positive experience while browsing on your multilingual website, they will be more likely to purchase your products or contact you for services. Many users question the credibility of businesses when making an online buying decision. Multilingual websites establish a high-level of credibility and professionalism in the marketplace, because it demonstrates you are proactively thinking about your customer. When your website is catered towards many different users, these users will feel secure and confident in what your business has to offer. Caring about your user leads to an increase in the overall trust, satisfaction, and a user’s willingness to purchase. Considering that 70% of web users are non-English speakers proves that a multilingual website is crucial to your web success.

One Step Ahead of your Competition

We might be biased towards multilingual websites, because we are, well – a translation agency. But, a multilingual website can help to differentiate yourself from your top competitors. A multilingual website is important for both local and global markets and demonstrates that you care about all your users and are willing to adapt for international business.

Website Translation by Gateway Globalization

Deciding to go global with a multilingual website is an important decision for your business in order to maximize your business internationally and expand into those desired global markets. If you are interested in multilingual website translation, Gateway Globalization is here to help lead your business in the right direction. We are dedicated to providing fast and affordable website translations that will help you appeal to all non-English web users. We pride ourselves on the most accurate translations that adhere to your audiences and help you expand into foreign markets. Contact us to get a quote for your website today!




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